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Openness in Research

Harvard University is committed to preserving and protecting the freedom of research and to maintaining a teaching and research environment that is open and that promotes the free exchange of research results.   Adherence to the principle of openness in research generally requires that:

  • Harvard University will not undertake classified research,
  • Harvard University will not accept publication restrictions or terms and conditions that require sponsor approval of publications,
  • Foreign faculty, students, and scholars will not be singled out for restriction in access to Harvard University’s educational and research facilities and activities.

In some cases, statutory or funding agency mandates may impose:

  • publication restrictions;
  • citizenship restrictions;
  • access restrictions with respect to confidential, proprietary, or restricted information, software code, or technology; or
  • otherwise restrict the sharing or transfer of such information or the uses to which it may be put.

Rare exceptions may be made to the principle of openness regarding publication, classification, and access by foreign students and scholars in accordance with the Harvard University Openness in Research Policy.  Such exceptions must be limited in scope to those circumstances where the area of research is crucially important to Harvard University’s educational and research mission.



Publications Policy

Openness in Research Policy

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